• Moroccan Footsteps
  • Moroccan Footsteps
  • Moroccan Footsteps
  • Moroccan Footsteps
  • Moroccan Footsteps
  • Moroccan Footsteps
  • Moroccan Footsteps
  • Moroccan Footsteps

Soukking : Moroccan Shopping Treks

Wander the ancient souks and market places of this beautiful country. Bargain for hand woven carpets and beautifully crafted lamps and jewelry. These spectacular historic souqs have existed for thousands of years and it is a common occurrence to feel as if you have been transported back in time ..

The village markets offer a wonderful insight into the lives of the Berber and Arab peoples as they shop for their groceries and everyday necessities.

We can organize your trip to include the spices and pastries of Meknes, the jewelry and pottery of Fes and the wonderful labyrinth of exotic smells and sounds of the 7000 year oldsooks of Marrakech. Saffron merchants, carpets and argan oil, can all be found during your travels.

Let us know what interests you and we can organize a voyage that will take you to the source of many of these products and not the mass produced tourist items found at first glance in the markets.

See how the argan oil is made or how the carpet is woven and take home amazing memories of your journey.

It will be our pleasure to organize for you, a trip that visits as many of these wonderful sites as possible in the time you have allowed. We can make your starting point in any city or we can pick you up directly from the airport and begin from there. All travel will be done in air-conditioned 4×4 Land Rover type vehicles with room for up to 6 or by mini bus depending on your group size. Travel times and activities will be arranged based on your personal requests or needs.


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